So, I was suffocating my bike..

Charles Scappaticci scapco at
Thu Sep 9 11:21:30 PDT 2010

Yes we have all had "DUHHH!!" moments.  I once tore down the whole
front end of my old Chevy pickup believing the timing chain had jumped
the sprockets.  After reassembling it and it still doing the same
thing, I found the wire to the condenser had simply come loose and was
bouncing around.  Reattached it and no more problem.  At least it ran
better with a new double roller timing chain on it.  :-)

Charles S.

On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 12:13 PM, John Soliday <johnsoliday at> wrote:
> wow, I'm sure we've all had a "duh" moment similar.

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