winter storage and rodent control

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Tue Sep 21 13:06:52 PDT 2010

I could get a shit load of them right now as the municipal elections are in 
full swing across the entire province.
Muskoka Transport just showed up at the door.  My replacement rodent chaser 
just arrived.
That's service!!!  I was talking to the company representative in PA 
yesterday afternoon.

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> Jim,
> Why not hire a politician to come over a couple of times a month?  He
> could talk your unwelcome rodents to death.  ;-)
> Charles S.
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> wrote:
>> A lot of inverter's generate something less than a true sin wave output,
>> some actually generate a square wave. The rodent chaser probably doesn't
>> have a very sophisticated power supply and that's why it didn't like the
>> inverter. I wouldn't try it again.
>> John
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>> I thought I'd try the deep cycle battery and inverter with the ultrasonic
>> rodent chaser. This wasn't a good idea. The second I plugged the unit 
>> into
>> the inverter the curcuit blew in the rodent chaser. I called Woodstream 
>> the
>> maker/seller of this Victor unit to ask about this set up. I was told not
>> to do it. They are sending me a new rodent chaser. I thought that was 
>> damn
>> decent of them. I guess its hard wire the garage, runan extention cord or
>> put in $40.00 worth of rodentcide.
>> Jim
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