[Bulk] A little brother for the GPZ

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Nice bike, Charles!! The colors is right too....

Art in To

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It's pretty sad when most of your money goes to your kids or ex, so I 
decided that being 54 I'm not getting any younger and it was time to 
spend some of what little money I have on myself.

Yesterday I drove over to Grand Junction, Colorado, and picked up a mint

2007 ZX-6R at an excellent price.  It's a one owner bike that 
interestingly has only 997 miles on it, but the original owner did those

miles on the dealer tag, then parked it.  It's actually never been 
registered before. It's totally stock except for the tinted double 
bubble windscreen that is a nice improvement over the original.

I washed it this morning as it was dusty and put air in the tires and 
gave it a quick ride around the block.  The bars are pretty low, but 
they feel alright for now.  If they bother me I can always try some 
Heli-bars that move the bars 2" up and 1" back.

The first ride will have to wait for a couple of weeks as I'll be in 
Vegas most of this coming week, but I'm looking forward to it.  I'll do 
some little things to it over the winter, but the exhaust will likely 
stay stock and quiet.  I can't see spending a fortune on mods when I 
can't use all of what is already there.

I've attached a picture below.  Hopefully it comes through.  Guess I 
won't need to look for a winter project now!

Charles S.
95 GPZ1100
07 ZX-6R
03 WR450
99 KX250
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