A little brother for the GPZ

Marilyn Mason masonjs at nrtco.net
Tue Sep 28 06:40:42 PDT 2010

I was just checking a couple of local buy & sell bike places here.  Someone 
in Toronto has a "Just in Case" package for sale for your new little girl. 
A new set of fairings, sides and headlight in white primer -$400.00.
The one I did like was descirbed as having some minor cosmetic scratches on 
the right side fairing.  Like people weren't going to notice that the 
plastics were red and the tank was lime green???  But if you wanted a cheap 
ride at $4500.00 with 12,000 km (7500 miles) its probably not a bad buy.
I'd like to get out for a fall ride but we can't even kick 2 dry days in a 
row together let alone 4.  All I'm doing here is cutting grass, cutting 
fireword, and pulling the boats higher up the beach with the river rising 
from 3 to 6 inches a day.


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