Help - she does not start anymore (stranded..)

John Soliday johnsoliday at
Thu Apr 7 07:58:27 PDT 2011

Although it hasn't happened on my GPZ yet (too few miles), the actual
ignition switch contacts work out on my ZX10 (same part I believe).  You
could make the engine "die" while riding down the road by wiggling the key.
Also, I'd have to wiggle it once in awhile to get the bike to start as well.
You description sounds like the ignition switch vs. the starter relay the
way I'm reading it.

Good Luck and let us know, for the tribal knowledge ;-)


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I took the bike to go to my (still) office yesterday and parked her in
the underground. Today I wanted to take off again - key into the right
position, all lights up. I hit the starter, there's a CLACK and then
all lights OUT. Key left right, after a few minutes and some twisting,
the lights go on again, I hit the starter - again CLACK and darkness.
The battery is fresh and full, the fuses are ok. When I put the key
into the drive position, all lights stay out (even the clock is off).
If I move it to any other position, the clock has power.

My _guess_ is that the starter relais is screwed (which is as well my
hope as I have a spare one) but: Am I right?

I'll take the train to go home today and have my wife pick me up..and
before towing the bike home I'd like to try to get her moving again.



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