Question regarding the Kawasaki graphics

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The key to a very easy success was using the heat gun.  The melting
temperature of the thermo-plastic that the fairing is made from is far
higher than the nylon backing on the graphics.  Not even the slightest warp
in the plastic resulted from direct heat application.

Very easy:  Just use the heat gun on the graphics until you can see them
just start to kind of bubble up a little bit, moving the heat all around.
Then with my fingers I just rolled up one of the edges of the graphics.  It
started to pull right off, stretching like... well like melted nylon as I
pulled it off of the fairing.  The decal just stretches right off... the
glue easily releasing and the colors on the nylon backing kind of flaking
off as the backing stretched.  There's no glue residue this way either, as
long as you keep the heat up.  I was going slow, and the nylon would cool in
places that I hadn't gotten to yet and the glue would start to stick more...
just apply a bit more heat, put the heat gun down and start peeling and
stretching it off again.

I'm serious, they came off like magic.  I haven't used any Goo Gone or any
other chemical on them either.  I think I'll take a polishing compound to
the fairing, because you can see the outline of the graphics from wax

I haven't found any matching paint color yet. was a total
wash, they had a dark green color for the 1995-1996 GPz, not black.

So I may try to find a black paint in the auto parts store designed for
plastic bumpers...


Jeff in WA

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I've heard that using nylon fishing line in a sawing action while heating
and pulling, but I haven't tried it.
?Pete S

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I took the pink ones off with a hair dryer and rubbing my finger over 
the glue on the same day I bought it. Took one 1100 off and it looked 
naked so I put a new one on.

On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 12:21 AM, Jeffrey Walker wrote:

> I know that this may be sacrilege to some, but I want to know how 
> difficult
> it is to remove the GPz graphics.  I want to touch up the black 
> plastic on
> my lowers where there's rock and sand dings from the front tire over 
> the
> years.
> I am currently getting my (stock) exhaust powder coated with a ceramic
> coating that is rated for 2000 degrees F.  It is a semi-gloss black 
> color,
> and will cover the chrome on the mufflers in black too (it's 
> impossible to
> use a two-color coat with the ceramic coating process, and the entire
> process takes 5 days in the oven to cure.)
> So I'm thinking that basic black is in.  I'll touch up what I can on 
> the
> engine, and totally repaint the fairing lowers in black with a plastic
> bumper paint.
> I'm thinking that some judicious use of my heat gun coupled with some 
> 'Goo
> Gone' might do the trick?
> Thanks much,
> Jeff in WA
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The GPz decals are on top of the clearcoat.  The gas tank decals never are. 
I debadged the GPz carefully peeling, then cleaned up the adhesive with 
acetone, used CAREFULLY as it seemed to soften the paint, temporarily.

Paul in Ohio

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No... on top but feathered out at the edges so they may appear that way.


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   I thought the decals were "under" ther clearcoat.... ?

   Bill in Yardley, PA
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   Mar 22, 2011 12:39:47 AM, gpzlist at wrote:

     when I got mine, the graffics were already gone, so I can't help
     but I have done some rattle canning, and its not black.

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Go to Colorrite, they sell the matching paint there.

Charles S.
The GPZ has awoken

On Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 8:16 PM, Jeffrey Walker <walkerjl at>
> Good information, thanks to all.
> Next question: ?Does anyone know of a very close color match / recommended
> paint for the (black) plastic? ?I only want to paint my upper and lower
> front fairing.
> Thanks!
> Jeff in WA


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