Coolant drain for carbs

Stephen Hampson shampson at
Sat Apr 9 15:42:33 PDT 2011

That'll be the carb warming fitted to stop carb icing. As you said just
clamp the pipes when removing the carbs. Any air lock should clear itself
before next winter comes and its needed.


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Ok, I have to bite the bullet and remove and clean the carbs. It's just 
not running right.
Would those experienced with stripping down the bike please give some 

The service manual doesn't bother to mention it but I've got a coolant 
pipe attached to the carburettors.
Do I have to drain the coolant before I can remove the carbs ?
Can I cheat by clamping the pipes ?
Will this create an airlock in the carb when I reassemble or will it 
self-bleed ?

Help !


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