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Steven Bixby steven at
Thu Apr 14 10:13:55 PDT 2011

Here's one link that has an indication, but like all forum postings, 
it's not exactly verified... 

The post of interest is about 2/3 down the page, 11:29AM.

    "I just checked with my tech friend at Shell and here is what the 
JASO specs mean.
      JASO DH2 is diesel oil for trucks and buses. JASO MA is for 
      So, according to the Shell TDS the only product to carry the 
motorcycle rating is the T6 5W-40."

I also looked on Wikipedia, found this:

Relevant quote:

     "The JASO T904-MA and MA2 standards are designed to distinguish 
oils that are approved for wet clutch use, and the           JASO 
T904-MB standard is not suitable for wet clutch use."

I feel better about my choice, now; frankly, when it first replaced the 
original "T", I looked around and people were a bit confused, but seeing 
this puts me at some ease.

At any rate, it's been working fine in our 5 bikes with no clutch issues 
noted, at least.

On 4/14/2011 9:14 AM, Buehrle, Michael wrote:
> There may be a difference between US and Canada Rotella. In the Cnd. Shell handbook there is no reference to T6 being compatible to with hydraulic or hydrostatic transmission.
>   Forums and message boards may provide further advice on this but I know shell will not officially endorse any Rotella for motorcycles although their tech support guys off the record gave the "T" a big thumbs up when I asked them a few years ago. I know that at one time they wanted you to buy their more pricey bike specific oil and it was an attempt to stop cannibalizing their own product line.
> T5 does have the Allison approval meaning it works with wet clutches. There is no JACO reference in their Cnd. Literature. YMMV.
> I will put the question to the Shell techs the next time I'm on the phone with them.
> Mb

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