Sticking clutch on 96 GPZ 1100

John Soliday johnsoliday at
Wed Apr 20 06:24:42 PDT 2011

Mine does that once in awhile, but only after sitting all winter.  It clears
up after that for the season.  Does yours get better or always like this
after only a few days?  If the plates are sticking you could try changing
the oil a few times to try and clean off the plates.  Also, you might want
to bleed the clutch just in case its developed a few bubbles in there.  Both
cheap fixes to try before yanking out the plates.  Also, if the plates are
covered in gunk, they'll probably be fine if you clean them with kerosene,
but once you've got the cover off, I'd just replace them.

Good Luck,


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   I have noticed since I purchased this bike a annoying problem. I
have owned it for several years and the problems seems to be getting

   When the bikes sits for a few days when I shit from neutral to
first it jumps forward and dies. Of course I have the clutch lever
pulled in.  I might have to do this 2 or 3 times till the clutch works
correctly .Seems I have heard of the clutch plates sticking on other
bikes from time to time but can"t remember what the cause or the cure

   Anybody with info on this subject would be a great help. I
wondering if I am going to have to replace the clutch plates to cure
the problem.

   Thanks   Les J
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