GPZList Digest, Vol 61, Issue 1

schnowz schnowz at
Thu Dec 1 15:52:17 PST 2011

It's pretty easy job.. If you don't have compressed air then remove the caliper from the forks before you disconnet the line and pump the hydaulics to remove the piston with a thin piece of wood  where the disc was.
Some of you may rememberQuentin from the UK bitchin about poor corrosion resistance of the GPZ.
I concur - I've had to rebuild my calipers numerous times. Corrosion gets into the dust seal and forces it out, exposing the piston to rain/salt..
Pete S
On the last ride a couple of weeks ago the left front brake was hanging 
and had to be pried loose. So the winter maintenance will include a 
complete overhaul of the brake callipers with new O-rings etc. Anyone 
done this yet? Any advice on how to do this?

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

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