Any other original owners?

William K Denton wkdenton at
Sat Dec 3 07:00:28 PST 2011

Not here.  I'm owner #2.  Bought mine in 1999 in Huntsville, AL.  Flew down 
from PA and drove it home through TN, NC and VA.  Original owner bought it 
as a 2-yr old NOS leftover in 1998, putting 3200 miles on it between then 
and May of '99 when I bought it from him.  Two XC trips and ~30,000 later I 
still have it, although it shares considerable ride time with my CB-X and 
XV-R since then.

Bill Denton
Yardley, PA
wkdenton at
Lazarus Cycleworks, LLC
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From: "Dennis" <gpzeer at>

>I am the original owner of my 95 RED GPZ100.  Purchased in Frankfurt 
> while stationed at Ramstein Air Base in 1995.  US spec.  Riding in the 
> Swiss
> and Italian alps with the GPZ was the BEST. 70,000 miles and going strong.
> Dennis Peterson
> 95 RED
> Orem , Utah, USA

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