Any other original owners?

GPZ1100ABS gpz1100abs at
Sun Dec 4 07:33:57 PST 2011

I am the original owner of my black '96 GPZ, bought new in 1997 for the 
equivalent of - hold on to something - 29.586 USD!!! So I guess you 
could say that I'm not the only original owner as the bank owned a 
significant part of it for several years... Anyway, 137.000 km (85.000 
miles) and still going strong. No plans for replacement.

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

Den 02-12-2011 21:52, Philip Hamm skrev:
> I'm on a business trip a thousand miles from my GPZ.  I was wondering, how many of us are original owners of these wonderful machines?  I still have mine which I bougtht new in September 1995.  I paid $7099 at the local shop and 85K+ miles later I love it more every time I ride it.  I don't ride it very often these days, but when I do it gives me smiles.
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