Any other original owners?

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Sun Dec 4 10:43:44 PST 2011

Phew!! I'm amazed at how much has been paid for new Geepers.

I bought my 95 brand new in '97 for $8000 (about 6k in USD, at the

It seems like nobody wanted them... Not a sportbike and not a touring
bike (so I was told). However, the combination suited me perfectly and
the bike fits me like it was tailored. And someone had to take her home
and love her, which I still do.

114000 Km, still powerful and smooooooth as glass, what's not to love!

Art in TO, Canada

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12/02/11 21:52, Philip Hamm skrev:
> I'm on a business trip a thousand miles from my GPZ.  I was wondering,
how many of us are original owners of these wonderful machines?

I bought Esmeralda new in may 1997 for what was then $14000USD. Almost
90,000km later, she's still going strong.

/ Richie
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