Any other original owners? (Karl Lesch)

Karl Lesch krlesch at
Sun Dec 4 15:38:03 PST 2011

Forgot to mention (also)....

I paid the list price of $7500 USD back in the fall of 1995.

Traded in a 1981 Honda CB-650 (got $1000 for that..but memory fails).

In addition, I wrangled with the salesman to get the following added in:

Two (2) Shoei RF-400 helmets (discarded long ago)
One (1) Hein Gericke V-Pilot Jacket (still have it, and would wear it if I
lost a few lbs...)
Two (2) pairs of leather gloves (summer - perforated - no padding - still
have my pair - the "X" took hers) 

$6825 (5% IA state tax) for the GPZ and accessories (subject to a failing

She now has 28K on the ODO and still runs like a champ.

Karl Lesch

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