And the bikes were all snuggled all tight in their sheds...

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Sat Dec 24 08:14:18 PST 2011

We could have ridden until Wednesday around here. That is if you could stand 
temperatures of -20C (-2F).
Looks like we will have a white Christmas here in the Ottawa Valley.  After 
the freezing rain on Wednesday we got about 5cm (2") of snow.  With lows 
of -22C and highs of -8C for the next week the snow won't be melting.
I hope you all have a good Christmas and a better new year.

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> Riding season ended here in Kelowna, BC back in Nov.
> Bike has been tucked away, warmed by its Battery Tender and the cover to 
> keep the dust at bay..
> With the threat of back ice, ice, snow, the slimy stuff the put on the 
> roads (instead of salt) to prevent snow for sticking, etc. it was time!..
> We are now flirting with a white or green Christmas, will be cold enough 
> (hovering around 0 C or 32 F).  The little bit of snow we had has almost 
> gone and there is not much promise of fresh stuff in time for Christmas 
> but we will see..  ;-D
> Merry Christmas to you all..
> And
> A Happy New Year!..   (full of lots of ride time!)..
> Cheers..
> Paul W. Landry
> P_Landry at
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> Subject: And the bikes were all snuggled all tight in their sheds...
> So yesterday I took all 4 bikes out and added stabil then filled the 
> tanks. They were already on battery tenders (Usually I shut the tenders 
> down in May, but this year I just kept all 4 running throughout the 
> summer.) Looks like just in time, as tomorrow looks to get no higher then 
> mid 30’s I’m sure there’ll be a few more 45+ days out there, but winter is 
> definitely due to set in.
> Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
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