Snow in California...

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Wed Feb 2 10:12:48 PST 2011

Hey Roberto!

I have read only good things about the Bandit, I'm happy that you got out and rode yesterday!  My son just got a next-to-new '05 GSXR and rode it up to campout with his Oceanography classmates at Morro Bay last weekend.  I'm so scared he'll wreck on that rocket, but I'm also really proud of him.  Nice bike.  too bad it's ergos aren't meant for my over 55 year old body and it has not bungee cord hooks built in!

Hope to ride with you one of these days again when things improve for me healthwise.  Stay in touch in the meantime.

Aloha nui loa!

Ron Jordan 

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Aloha everyone!
I was able to get out of the house this weekend and do a short ride around the 
emecula area.
It was about 50 degrees and I was freezing!
hat'll teach me to ride the bike with vented gloves.
Need to get used to the new weather
Need to look at getting handle guards for the Bandit
Yep, the Bandit1250s is an excellent replacement for the GPZ.
Chat with you all later.
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