Fork brace.

Stephen Hampson shampson at
Fri Jul 1 00:56:18 PDT 2011

It's not that the bikes listed use the same forks but the dimensions are the
same for the fork brace to fit. I Should of made that clear.


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I was looking for ZR-7 braces earlier, and most of these are also no longer 
made.  The ZR-7 and GPz1100 forks are not identical but they are darn close 
(use the same front fender FWIW).

Paul in Ohio

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I don't believe they are but a fork brace that fits the following will fit a
GPZ900R(A7-A11) : ZEPHYR750 : ZEPHYR400 ? 97-00 : ZRX400 : ZRX400II -02 :
Yamaha TRX850 -96


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