Is There Anybody out There?

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Tue Jul 19 13:26:36 PDT 2011

2011 11:29 AM

Pro Tip:
When exiting Ouray,
Never ride the Red Mountain Pass at night, in a torrential storm with a 
passenger on the back of a borrowed bike.


Its a hell of s lot better than using your own or a rental bike!!!
My idea of riding Red Mountain to Ouray is on a gutless BMW behind a gutless 
Chevy 1 ton dually desiel pulling a loaded 8 horse trailer at 16 miles per 
hour.  Not afraid of hieghts just edges that are too close and bottoms that 
are too far.
The only things I've been riding are a Makita 3/4" drill punching 3/8" 
diameter holes in 3/8" thick angle iron to put a stone facade on the 
addition to the cottage.
The past 3 adys riding a 60cc 290S Stihl chainsaw clearing up 1/2  dozen 
large trees that got blow down on around the cottage in a micro burst 
thunder storm Sunday afternoon.  We got electrical power back about an hour 
I was down to my last 4 cold beer.


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