Anybody out there - Oh Yeah. With mangled fingers.

Micky Stevens miclikie at
Tue Jul 19 15:22:42 PDT 2011

I too am definitely 'out there', in my case, out in the garage, in the
dark and cold (winter here, you see), wrestling with those fiendish
bits of rubber known as carb boots, inlet rubbers, airbox doofers, or
works of the devil, depending on how long it's been since I managed to
get one into its proper place.

One of the nicer things about Mr Kawasaki is that, *generally*
speaking, the air cooled bikes are easy to work on and the parts are
interchangeable. In the case of this particular one, a GT550G, this is
not so. The special rubbers do not want to go into their unusually
finicky, hard-to-get-to position. The current success rate is less
than one per evening, which is not good.

On a happier note the GpZ is now pleasantly rideable and behaving
itself after, eeek, about fourteen years' worth of misbehavior. It's
also now officially a model orphan. The machine is actually a
GpZ1100B2 which looks like a z1100R. Owing to local rules it has had
to be re-inspected for the road and re-certified and so it is now
officially a GPZ1100RB2. Go figure...

It still doesn't have a fork brace though. Still working on that one.


Micky in NZ

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