how cold is 'cold' in New Zealand??

Micky Stevens miclikie at
Tue Jul 26 14:16:50 PDT 2011

> Hey NZ Mickey... So how cold is cold?
> Art in scorching Toronto, Canada

How cold is it here, really??

Well Art, NZ isn't going to beat Canada in any temperature shoot-out.
Yesterday was the coldest day in NZ on record, with snow seen in the
streets of the capital, but that's only a bit cold compared to the
REAL stuff you guys get. I drove out to watch it snowing on the hill
behind my house, only the second time that's ever happened in 27 years
of living there.

My problem with cold really relates to my fingers going numb suddenly
and unpredictably - Reynaud's disease - which makes doing anything
bike-related in the garage in the winter a bit of a lottery. Sometimes
I can, sometimes I can't.

Unfortunately, numb fingers still hurt just as much when they thaw
after a good session jamming them in GT engine intakes. I've still got
the scarf marks.

But I DO also have all four intake rubbers in place and hope to be
riding the bike by the weekend. I need to, as the z650 (kz650 to you
guys) needs a rest until the summer, the Gpz is only a Commuter Of
Last Resort, and the GT is intended to be the ride-to-work bike. So
far it's only been the take-up-all-the-extra-space-bike. . .

Warmer today here though :)


Micky in NZ

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