John Soliday johnsoliday at msn.com
Wed Jul 27 14:27:25 PDT 2011



Sorry, I had to go out of town (w/o my home PC and email cache) but got
ahold of the "Sales Manager" (not sure what part of SALES she understands).
I then had to leave yet another voicemail for a "tech" who appears to work
away from the facility and answers phones.  I'm very frustrated with them,
as they have done a wonderful job for me in the past, and recently on my
VROD, but don't appear to have any sense of urgency for our beloved GPZ.  I
suspect they have downsized, like most of us are aware of, and just don't
care about "vintage" applications.  I spoke directly with the "Sales
Manager" and she promised we would get a discount, but she didn't have a
clue about part numbers for either the gold valves or the matching springs.
I suspect this may take a lot of more talking on the phone, but my
experience, thus far, with RACETECH is if we get the part numbers correct,
we will be happy.   As my most recent experience, I shipped my forks from my
Vrod to them, because I didn't have the time to build them myself, and it
was worth the money ($$$ a lot :-( but the deed is now done.  I know charles
just cut his springs down, and that may be great for most of us, but not me,
'cause I'm, let's say weight challenged (in the negative way).  I only
weight ~ 150 lbs. and most generic springs are too tight, and RACETECH did a
great job of giving me forks on my Vrod, that are totally too loose for
"normal" folks, but eat asphalt like no tomorrow for me, now.  I hope to get
numbers in the next few days as I'm going away on another work trip.  I'll
take my home laptop on this trip so I'm going to drive this home.  Sorry it
has taken so long, but I think we're getting their attention now.



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