Weekend Ride

Steven Bixby steven at bixbys.net
Wed Jul 27 16:35:16 PDT 2011

> The GPZ was down a little on oil, and since
> the Durango Yamaha/Honda and Kawasaki/Suzuki/Polaris dealers were
> closed (Monday) I ended up stopping at Durango Harley Davidson and
> picked up a quart of Screaming Eagle 20-50 oil.  I added about 12
> ounces to the crankcase, but ever since I did it will no longer idle
> smoothly, leaks oil, and kept trying to turn into every bar that I
> rode by.  Will a complete oil change fix this or is it going to take
> more than that??  ;-)

Is it still running on four cylinders, or down to two?

If two, does one run overly hot, burning your *ss?

If so, can you mount pegs somewhere up around the front axle for relief?

I'm pretty sure you can overcome the turn-in tendencies, unless there are
some hot babes involved.

Other than that, the only recourse is to buy a black vest, stupid-quote
t-shirt and a beanie helmet.

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