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I remember some of those roads have a sheer drop into the sea..
perty awesome but unfortunately I wasn't on a bike either.
I remember the sweetest Tomatoes I've ever had there.
On another note the electrical gremlins attacked my bike again tonight, but I managed to get it home after it temporarily let me down. Each time it craps out I've managed to elminate another part of the circuit but intermittant faults are a bitch.
  Pete S
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Oh my, those roads were made for riding. I think the guys who are in charge
of making roads on the island (,8.816528&spn=2.263703,4.11438&z=8)
skipped the classes on "straight lines" and did some extra time on "curves".
Amazing. I could not see curves anymore, at the end of the day. I was sick
with them. And with all the beauty of the shoreline. Lots of "wow":

I like the blue and the white, all blazing in the sunlight:

The west side of the island is a bit rougher, but nonetheless:

The beaches are better on the other side, as far as I saw them at least. The
south end might differ.

Road sides are often "solidified" with stones:
I don't want to imagine what happens if you fall on that stuff, but
should go slowly, anyways.


I was there with the car, but will go back by bike.



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