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Jens Pedersen gpz1100abs at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 23:11:38 PDT 2011

Sorry about this crappy message - that's what happens when you attempt to
write on a smartphone without glasses... As I was saying I still got mine,
and I'm currently in Oirschot in the Netherlands participating in the 6th
International GPZ Treffen. But although there are thirty-some participants
here I only counted about 5 GPZ's in the parking lot.... It's here like on
our list: Many have replaced their GPZ with something else but still keep
hanging around :-)

'96 'Black Stealth' GPZ
Den 24/06/2011 07.28 skrev "Jens Pedersen" <gpz1100abs at gmail.com>:
> I still for mine - and O'neill in Oirschot, the Netherlands on it right
> :-)
> Ped
> '96 Black stealth GPZ
> Denmark
> Den 24/06/2011 02.56 skrev "Alexander Finger" <af at genevainformation.ch>:
>>> Wow, haven't checked email for most of the day, and I see more posts
> in the last month it seems. Still have it, but still haven't had much time
> to ride in the past 2 years. TomLouisville
>> Almost as good as an oil thread :-)
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