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Speaking of Silverton, I just pulled in to Silverton.  Got two dirt
bikes in the truck and my camper in tow.  Should be a fun week.

Charles S.

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I hear you Ralph and I thought the same about the KLR being just a
play bike that could do nothing well. My opinion changed after reading
a bit about them and riding around Silverton with Northrop on his KLR.
Insurance is 500$ yr instead of 1500$, the bikes are cheap as Borscht
(mine cost 3200$ a year old with 7k miles Givis and other
farkles)tires cost 100$ installed, plastic costs 450$ for the complete
bike inc. fenders, they are nimble and great around the city, even on
the highway they are not bad if you keep them under 70, curbs and
gravel roads are welcomed by the KLR, 2 up is not great but what bike
really is?
I'm really liking this bike so far.

In Ontario we now have the stunt driving laws where if you burn out ,
wheelei or do more than 30 mph over the limit your vehicle is
impounded and you lose your license along with huge fines. If I still
had the Gpz, I would be ripe for the picking with this ridiculous law.


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