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Never worn Icons.  I have an older pair of Gaerne touring boots (forget the
model name) which are waterproof.  *They're decent quality for the money,
but the (non replaceable) shift guard is showing a lot of wear.  They tend
toward the smaller end of the spectrum, too; I had to go a size smaller than
usual to find a good fit.  Got these on a closeout at*

**They work as advertised, but, as usual, waterproof = really friggin' HOT
on a sunny day.  These things don't breathe very well.  Most boots offer
some sort of special liner which is *supposed* to breathe (the one in mine
is called "Drytech") but aren't nearly as comfortable as the Gore-Tex in my
hiking boots.   If anyone has a good recommendation for waterproof
*and comfortable
on a hot day, I'd love to hear it.  My current boots are great when it's
pouring or when it's chilly, but lately I've been doing a lot stop-and-go in
cities, and my feet broil in these boots. *

**Drew in VT

On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 11:17 PM, dominatr37 <dominatr37 at>wrote:

> Has anyone bought Icon boots before? I bought a pair called ‘Tarmac Boots’
> from (New Enough) which are breathable, lightweight and
> not waterproof, just for local island riding, a slip on with a velcro strap.
> Well Not only couldn’t I slip ‘em on,  I couldn’t even get my foot into
> them. Anyone have this experience before with an Icon boot? I re-ordered
> another pair a size larger to see if that fixes things. If not I’m going for
> the Sidi Slash boots.
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