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Paul, not looking for a waterproof boot. I'm looking for something sneakerlike without laces thats vented for daily summer use. Already have a sweaty waterproof pair.

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Date: Thu, Jun 30, 2011 11:10 am
Subject: Boots question
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I bought Oxtar Matrix boots about 7 years ago after reading good reviews.
What sold me was a Motorcycle Consumer News review that said these were the
boots most motorcycle cops in Europe wear.  Gore-tex lined, good fit for
wide feet, and not bad in hot weather for a waterproof boot.  Oxtar had to
change their name to TCX after a trademark infringement action.  TCX no
longer has the Matrix model but they still sell similar boots.  I'm looking
at them for potential replacements when the waterproof abilities of my
current boots fail.

Paul in Ohio

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Never worn Icons.  I have an older pair of Gaerne touring boots (forget the
model name) which are waterproof.  *They're decent quality for the money,
but the (non replaceable) shift guard is showing a lot of wear.  They tend
toward the smaller end of the spectrum, too; I had to go a size smaller than
usual to find a good fit.  Got these on a closeout at*

**They work as advertised, but, as usual, waterproof = really friggin' HOT
on a sunny day.  These things don't breathe very well.  Most boots offer
some sort of special liner which is *supposed* to breathe (the one in mine
is called "Drytech") but aren't nearly as comfortable as the Gore-Tex in my
hiking boots.   If anyone has a good recommendation for waterproof
*and comfortable
on a hot day, I'd love to hear it.  My current boots are great when it's
pouring or when it's chilly, but lately I've been doing a lot stop-and-go in
cities, and my feet broil in these boots. *

**Drew in VT

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> Has anyone bought Icon boots before? I bought a pair called ‘Tarmac Boots’
> from (New Enough) which are breathable, lightweight and
> not waterproof, just for local island riding, a slip on with a velcro
> strap.
> Well Not only couldn’t I slip ‘em on,  I couldn’t even get my foot into
> them. Anyone have this experience before with an Icon boot? I re-ordered
> another pair a size larger to see if that fixes things. If not I’m going
> for
> the Sidi Slash boots.
> Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
> Author of "Help! They're all out to get me!
> The Motorcyclists Guide to Surviving the Everyday World!"

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