Boots question

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Thu Jun 30 10:05:02 PDT 2011

> Ralph:
> I've had this problem quite often with mail order stuff (skates, shoes, 
> jackets etc.).  Eaton's and Sears (Canada's mail order giants) used to 
> ship and take returns free but now with competition from the large 
> warehouse style outlets Sears charges for delivery and Eaton's has become 
> extinct.
> Before ordering a new helmet and jacket from the Motorcycle Superstore I 
> went to a local dealer and tried on the make and model I planned to get. 
> My old Joe Rocket Jacket was made in Canada and the pants in the USA. 
> Some how the size patterns must get lost or the translation gets screwed 
> up when they get manufactured in China.  I had to get an XXL jacket 
> instead of an XL. The new jacket does have a water proof lining and full 
> zip in jacket where the old one had only a vest. The new one is black and 
> neon so the trees will see me coming and hopefully avoid me.
> I did notice while trying on various makes of boots that the sizes that 
> fit me didn't match from make to make.
> Jim

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