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>From RaceTech's website...

"Fork Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators - Damping rod forks are notorious for 
being both too harsh yet too easy to bottom. This is the nature of damping 
rod fixed orifice forks. In the past all that could be done to improve these 
forks was change spring rate, oil viscosity or damping hole size, until now.

Cartridge Emulators make damping rod style forks perform like well-tuned 
cartridge forks. These tunable valves sit on top of the damping rods and are 
held in place by the main springs. This makes them both simple to install 
and completely tunable for all conditions and rider preferences.

 Track tests have consistently produce lap times that are 1 or more seconds 
a lap faster while Cruisers and Gold Wing owners rave at the increased 
control and ride quality.

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I don't know anything about emulators... can someone point me in the
right direction to learn? 

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