Bike weight and cross winds

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Hey Ralph,
Thanks for the response.
Brings much useful perspective.
Safe riding, man.

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<<Hey guys,
I have a question for y'all, especially those who are multiple bike owners.
Is susceptibility to cross winds directly proportional to bike weight?
I ask because I'm looking at the new Ninja 1000 and the saddlebags option as 
possible replacement for the ZZR1200 which is getting a bit long in the 
The problem is that in West Texas where I now work strong cross winds have 
to be
factored in to any ride (hardly any rain) and some days riding along some
sections of the I-10 can only be done at almost a 45 degree angle.
Can sophisticated engineering make the weight differential negligible?
Thanks for your responses.
Randy (from New Orleans)
Former Geeper owner.

Randy, I have 4 bikers now, some weigh 400Lbs, some 650 Lbs. I rode across 
upper NY State last september to buffalo
the day after a hurricane blew through my area and ended up in the 
tailwinds of it 300+ miles away on my FJR. It was brutal any way you slice 
it. I was healed over to one side for many miles. I've ridden my 400Lb 
YZF600 in situations very similar and been l;eaned ov er as well, while the 
heavier bike may give some more seeming security becasue of its heft, its no 
less unerving on any bike. I think I like the smaller lighter bike better in 
a situation like that as it recovers faster from each gust and its less to 
wrestle around.

Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
Author of "Help! they're all out to get me!
The motorcyclists guide to surviving the everyday world."
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