Bike's back & a question about other handlebar risers

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have you tried to run it with the choke on? in my past experiences, if have siumiliar experience, I try the choke, if runs, then it isnt getting the gas, something may be clogged either the petcock, internal tank filter if it has one? I have even seen  gas line shave a flake inside & partially restrict the flow.
my old KZ1000 I used to own, I even had gas line flake & get under the needle, had rust get in, & bad gasoline. I rebuild those KZ carbs too many times, several times a year due to "trash" & it had 2 filters.
next if it falls on its face, & gas is getting there I would look at the accelerator pump & passages.
one other thing I have seen is vibration, causing electrical problem & makes you think its fuel. like a wire grounding that shouldnt. or coil breaking up. its happened to me on a Harley before.
anyway thats a few things off the top of my head.
I am still a newbie here to the GPZ only owned mine a little over 1 year, & aprox 8,000 miles with most of the miles just back & forth to work. & no trips over 75 miles from the house yet.
I need to do something to raise my handle bars more, I bought a set of GEN MARs from a lister here, but I want to raise them a little more, plus want to widen them some. I think it was said ZZR bars? when I ride in high winds, it wears my arms out fast, I need more leverage that wider bars will provide. instead of these factory narrow style bars, I get in high winds everytime I go to top of mountain near the Blue Ridge Parkway which is only 20 miles from my house. I also want to sit a little more straight up, I do have short arms.
if anyone has the parts to convert to normal style handlebars, & wide bars feel free to let me know please. I really am interested in doing this asap.
so far this year I have put close to 3,000 miles on my GPZ, hoping to put 10,000 to 15,000 miles before December. I had cash flow problems last year, & I didnt ride as much as I wanted to due it a few things wrong. right now I am 31,XXX miles we will see.

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Just got the GPZ back from the shop, and i have to say I'm quite disappointed.
Oh, they got it to start and idle ok, but if I try to give it any throttle other than a tiny bit at a time, the engine quits.  Not sure if it is bogging down, or starving.
Plus, they broke one of the tabs off the back of the cover for the airbox.  That little black plastic decorative cover on the left side.

$400+ later, and i still can't ride the bike.  And they were trying to say that my petcock is bad, leaking gasoline, and that it could cause a starvation problem.  Well, is it leaking, or starving the engine?

For those interested, here's a few pics of what they did.

#1 - the back of the airbox cover.  The indented portion of the foam is where the second tab was supposed to be to match up with a grommet in the airbox.

#2 - I had a thick rubber gas line leading to a large, clear fuel filter.  This is the line they used to replace it.

#3 - Finally, the tiny fuel filter they used

I'm going to call them later and see what they are willing to do to resolve this.  I really needed this bike running reliably since i have to take the Jeep apart to fix the brakes.  I'll even overlook the cosmetic damage if they just get it running right!  I was charged for 2.6 hrs labor, and the mechanic said he must have had twice that in actual work time.  are these carbs really that hard to work on?

by the way.....anyone have a spare airbox cover I can purchase?

Michael (VERY upset) in Holley, NY

PS.  Thanks for listening to my rant.
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