Fork brace

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Fri May 6 19:08:33 PDT 2011

Do you know if the bar ends will fit a 2003 Suzuki vstrom?  Mine got a 
little scuffed up in the 80 yard asphalt slide last year.

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> The fork brace is sold.  The bar end weights are still available.
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> I will also have a fork brace in barely used condition also available.  I
> don’t remember what I paid or what it is worth, but I think these were 
> made
> by Murph of “Murph’s Kits” and is a trick piece of black milled aluminum.
> If interested but can’t picture what it might look like I can get a 
> picture
> of them to you.  If you want it, please make an offer (add maybe $10
> shipping) as I don’t know how much to ask.  I will donate all or a good
> portion to if it sells.
> Dave in Des Moines
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