Hi guys.... I'm back.

Tom tomhoy39 at comcast.net
Sun May 8 20:46:38 PDT 2011

Hi, was a list subscriber, but moved, did some other stuff, now spring is
back.  Anyway, I need a favor from the list.  Allow me to explain:  My son
has accepted a scholarship to Portland State University (Go Vikings) to play
football.  I am now forced to drive to Portland to watch football games
(From Chico, CA).  my old 84 GPz is NOT going to cut it.  On August 19th, I
will receiving a rather inflated student loan as I go back to Grad school.
I will be using that money to purchase FUN transportation to Portland. My
preferences are:


1995-1996 GPz1100

Followed by any year zx11, then a zrx1100/1200, and finally a zx-9r. 


Is there anyone on the list in a selling mode, but not exactly dying to
sell?  I will travel as far east as utah, as far north as Washgington, as
far south as san Diego to retrieve such a vehicle.  


Yeah, I know there's a bunch of the other ones all over craigslist within
those parameters, but I primarily want a GPz.  I will have about $6500, of
which I want to spend less than $3500.00. 


Anybody ready to say goodbye to their Geepers?


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