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Hey Tom,
I'd sell you mine (1996 ZX1100E2 GPz1100, non ABS) for $2500 (located in
Utah). Coming up on 25K miles. Fresh synthetic oil/filter, new tires
(Michelin Pilot Power front, Pilot road 2 rear) new DID chain (riveted), bar
risers, mirror extensions (impossible to get now), EBC front pads, fresh
fork oil/seals 1K miles ago, extras included: ZZR1200 header not installed,
new old stock Fox twin-clicker ZX-9R remote reservoir shock never installed,
heavier spring for said shock, spare rear sprocket, spare lower fairing
decals, valve cover gasket, Concours/ZRX handlebar conversion not installed
(zrx bars and superbike bars included), Russell Day-Long custom seat with
heavy duty suspension (spare stock seat included), factory service manuals,
probably some other stuff I'm forgetting.

1. Down once on each side at zero speed, once at 2K miles before I bought
it, and once by me (tipped over when I stopped on a canyon road to kick a
big rock out of the road... that'll learn me). Minor scratches and a small
tank ding on left side (most people can't notice it) and some lower fairing
rash on right side (most people don't see it). Wait, I just remembered I
lowsided once at 5mph on the right side on fresh oil. No cracks IIRC, but
minor rash on right fairing lower. See detailed pics listed below.
2. left front large screw for the left/rear plastic panel: the plastic below
the screw has crumbled and the screw isn't holding anything. Other screws do
the duty just fine.
3. rear fairings/tailsections' tabs don't interlock properly; some were
missing when I bought the bike at 2K miles. The screws hold everything
together just fine, but I thought I'd mention it.
4. It recently sat for 10 months (I know, I know) waiting for me to get new
tires put on, registered, etc. I've let it sit for weeks/months before and
never had issues, but this time I think the idle jets got gunked up. I've
been riding it and on the road it's fine, but low speed and idle response is
not right, and the revs don't drop as quickly as they should when you pull
in the clutch. I don't have the energy or desire to rebuild the carbs again
(I did it at 2K miles when I bought it) and have been trying seafoam, which
seems to help a bit but it's still not running exactly right. So plan on a
carb cleaning.
5. It's a CA model bike but the evap can and whatever else have been removed
(before I bought it) so the breather hoses and whatever don't really go
anywhere... it's been running flawlessly for over 20K miles (until recently
due to my idiocy in letting it sit) but if it's essential that that evap
stuff be there, it isn't.

Why am I (possibly) selling? I always said I never would sell the SheePz,
due to the blood and sweat that have gone into it (this was the bike I
learned to maintain; luckily it's very straightforward). But I need the
dough... and I fancy buying a new new bike for the first time in my life.

Pics here:

Top row here are recent pics, view the rest of the album for pics of


And don't forget... :D
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> Anybody ready to say goodbye to their Geepers?

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