surprise at local shop

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Thu May 19 17:30:57 PDT 2011

Cmon Charles, nobody on this list believes you need justification for such imprudent decisions!!!
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Paul Heim <pmheimjr at> wrote:

>Please report your impressions after riding the Ninja 1000.  I'm collecting 
>justifications for an imprudent decision.
>Paul in Ohio
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>From: Charles Scappaticci
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>Very cool.  It's always fun finding something like that unexpectedly.
>That would be a fun toy to play with.
>Congrats on getting the Zook back up to snuff!  All it does here in
>Colorado is rain, or snow at higher altitudes.  I am looking out my
>office window right now and it's snowing lightly.  It's starting to
>feel like summer will never get here.
>BTW, Kawasaki is coming to Bandimere Raceway on June 4th and 5th and
>is giving demo rides if anyone is interested.  I am attending to ride
>the new Ninja 1000 and the Concours 14.
>Charles S.
>95 GPZ1100
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