FS: 2003 Honda VFR 800 - $4000

coldinvt at gmavt.net coldinvt at gmavt.net
Thu May 19 19:56:19 PDT 2011

Hey guys, just throwing this out there...

After 7 great seasons, I'm ready for something a little more flickable as
a "shorter trip" and possible track bike. The FJR is a no-brainer for
longer (or colder or 2 up or...) rides, so the venerable Viffer moves

Here's a link to the ad. There's been quite the flurry of interest since I
posted it and I'll probably end up selling it locally this weekend. It's
such a sweet bike! And so damn cheap!! Exactly what drew me to the GPZ
back in '99...


Can't wait to ride this weekend! :-)


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