Misc extras/parts leftover from 1996 GPz1100 up for grabs (PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING AND ARE OBO)

1KPerDay 1kperday at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 13:23:01 PST 2011

(PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING -- except the tires, which I won't ship -- AND ARE

I will consider package deals if you want more than one item.

see pics here:

The shim kits pictured aren't yet for sale until I learn whether they'll
fit the C14, and whether I can afford one. :)

The day-long saddle isn't available until I hear back from a couple of
people. If they don't want it I'll offer it to the list and then eBay it.

Rear sprocket, looks basically unused judging by the teeth $35

Bar ends with screws one minor scuff, see pics, $10

Used previously but I never installed: Storz performance handlebar
conversion kit (for the Concours but I understand it fits the GPz, PERHAPS
with some shims? and/or with gen-mar risers. When I bought them they came
with some homemade plastic spacers, which are included). Includes a OEM
Concours upper brake hose, a superbike bend bar and a ZRX bar, both with
bar ends and bolts $120

Left side airbox cover, one pin missing (see pic) FREE with any other

NIW Sprocket Specialists countershaft sprocket, 17 tooth, IIRC it's for the
ZRX but works on the GPz, $25

used horn, FREE with any other purchase

NIW OEM fork bushings, $10

NIW OEM valve cover gasket $20

NIW OWM lower fairing "GPZ" decal $20

Mystery plastic screw/rivet... see pics... kinda like a drywall
screw/anchor. dunno what it's for but I bought it at some point. If you
want it you can have it free with anything else.

NOS Michelin Pilot Road 2 (2CT) tires, new, if I'm reading the date code
right they're 2008 mfg. 120/70/17 front and 180/55/17 rear. I will not ship
these because it's a PITA. So local (UTAH) pickup only, $100 for the set
OBO. Free dust and cat hair.

Payment via Paypal preferred, but money orders/checks are fine. I will
provide my paypal address to buyer privately after we agree to a sale.

Items are first come first served, so email me personally if you want
something or want to make an offer.

Rock on!

Utah Jeff
'96 SheePz1100 (sold)

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