rear shock, and cush drive Q's

Drew Blanchard drewblanchard at
Sun Nov 6 15:50:36 PST 2011

Killing time on fleaBay, I noticed someone's selling a rear shock:

And it got me thinking.  I've seen others on the list mention swapping out
their shock for something more adjustable like a ZX9 or ZX11 shock.  Is
this a straightforward procedure?  Seems like modifications a plenty to me.
 I know someone on the list was checking in with RaceTech on cartridge fork
emulators, but RaceTech didn't seem very eager for our business (pricey,
too, if they'd actually do it).  But a rear shock, well, that seems a bit
more reasonable.  Swapping out the spring on a used unit like this might be
helpful.  What else have people done for the rear end of the Geeper?

And as I took ol' blue out for the last ride of the season, I was reminded
about some chucking in the rear end.  Could actually feel it all through
the frame, but was definitely coming from the rear end.  Up on the center
stand, I could feel a very slight clunking when moving the wheel forward
and backward (just at the point of transition between directions).  Cush
drive?  Never had to replace a set of rubbers, and the bike only has 10k,
but they're original since '96 and I wonder if they dry out?  Began to
notice a *slight* * *problem after taking a 200 lb passenger for a long
ride a few weeks ago, and thought it was just a problem with my setup.  But
problem persisted after that ride.  Thoughts?

Drew in VT


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