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Tue Nov 29 15:30:36 PST 2011

As Ralph said it's been purty warm here in the North east - warmer than Atlanta yesterday though I did get soaked coming home tonight. Didn't think it was raining that heavy when I left work so didn't bother with the raingear..
  Was up in Mass on Sunday and had just pulled out after a stop and a guy pulls alongside and tells me I have a flat rear tire...crap. Luckily I was able to keep stopping at gas stations and reinflating until I got home. Glad the dude told me as I was just about to get on the interstate.
At least I had a new tire and valve waiting at home so no down time..
I carry a compressor and plugs but finding a leak and pulling metal out in the dark isn't so easy I'm thinking I should be carrying "fix a flat" if I can find something small enough with a tube that will allow it to be used on a M/C tire. I don't think theres enough room to get a regular size can on the valve.
Pete S

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Is anyone there?....   there?....    there???

The list has fallen asleep, where is everyone? Hibernating?


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