HIgh priced???

schnowz schnowz at att.net
Tue Apr 17 16:40:46 PDT 2012

One just went for $2600 in CT with Factory Hardbags and 16K Miles.
Said it just had a new water pump - thats what happens to seals when they don't get ridden..
Perfect riding weather here today..
Pete S
I just was on cycle trader and was poking around. I looked to see if any GPZ?s were on there. I found two. One was $3495 and the other was $3995. Seriously WTF??? The $3995 one was in Massachusetts and has 22,000 miles. The other one  is in wisconsin and has 12K on it. There?s also one in San Dimas, Ca listed for $1 but no picture. NO idea what that?s about.

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