GPZList Digest, Vol 68, Issue 2

schnowz schnowz at
Thu Jul 5 23:16:58 PDT 2012

I have the same problem with my HJC The mechanisn sticks back, releasing the visor + in the hot weather you can't crack the visor as the smallest opening isabout 3".
Note to Charles if you want your raingear to hold up - don't fart in it.
Nice report.
I'm waiting to be picked up in Bucharest to start my ride. Couple of days rental then joining a tour.
Some nice looking scenery with 2 legs walking around Bucharest - no Walmart fatties here..
Pete S
> > to be nice and watertight and had good aerodynamics, it was just the two
> > hands it took to open the visor all trip, occasionally causing the left
> > hinge of visor to come off at inopportune times, that bothered me.

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