Is it that time?

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Sat Jul 14 07:18:15 PDT 2012

At the moment I'm at my cottage near Westmeath Ontario about 160 km (100 
miles) northwest of Ottawa.
Thursday and yesterday the afternoon temperature on the deck were 39C (103F) 
in the sun and 37C (99F) in the shade.  This is to continue for another 4 
days.  For this area this is a heat wave.
I realize that these temperatures would seem cool in some parts of the 

Not like I was in Arkansas where it got so hot in the summer of "ought 
three" the corn was poppin' in the fields and the mules thinking it was 
snowin' froze to death.

Here  it gets cold.  How cold you ask?
We was ice fishing on Moose Skull Lake one January day.  We slipped into a 
trapper's cabin to warm up and make some lunch.  The soup was too hot to eat 
so I set it outside.  It froze so fast the ice was still warm!!

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> Heat wave? Where you live? What do you consider a heat wave 85 F (30 C)?
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> Looks like we have a week of heat wave on its way so there won't be any
> riding for a while.
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