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I rented one of the Beemer 650's in Denver CO.  It was a nice little bike to 
ride but like you I missed the power of the GPZ.  The Beemer has 50 hp at 
sea level and I'm sure it was down to less than 40 in Denver ( 1 mile due 
up) and under 30 at the summit of places like Wolf Creek Pass  ( at nearly 3 
miles up).
Another gripe was all the f#$&%n safety devices.  Side stand down, 
transmission in neutral , clutch in and key on before you hit the starter 
button.  Side stand up before you shift into 1st.
The saddle bag latches were a mytery I never did figure out.  I would screw 
with the key for 5 minutes and all of a sudden the bag flew open.  By the 
time I managed to get to my camera, what ever I wanted to photograph was 
either gone or dead.
If you happen to meet my sister Lesley in Romania say hi for me.


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I just finished a 2 week ride on GS650 When I first got on it it felt like a 
rubber frame but once you get in tractor mode it's a very capable bike. At 
first I missed the geeper but this bike is ideal for Romanian roads. Too bad 
the beeemers are so unreliable because its a great bike when running right.
There was some talk of heat its been 40+C some days here.

> The GPZ is running great, just put fresh rubber on the front (rear was 
> done last year), and it is as fun as ever to be on it, but I've been 
> developing some health issues that have made it more and more 
> uncomfortable to ride the Geeper for more than 30 minutes at a time. Maybe 
> it is just age...I'm sure the recent truck tire I've been carrying around 
> hasn't helped...but lately I've been thinking more and more about turning 
> to the darkside.
> If I'm going to remain on two wheels, I'm going to have to get something 
> with a more upright posture.
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