front axle binding?

Drew Blanchard drewblanchard at
Sun Jul 22 13:14:42 PDT 2012

I feel like a real newbie for asking this question, but I'd rather be safe
than sorry.

Just had new tires installed (Dunlop Roadsmart IIs) and had a helluva time
getting the front wheel back on the bike.  After much wailing and gnashing
of teeth (and more than a few choice profanities, and maybe a wrench or two
hurled across the garage), I finally got everything lined up, and hand
tightened the front axle.  After the frustrations I experienced, I figured
I ought to spin the front wheel a few times to see how smoothly everything
rotated.  Problem is, the front wheel stops almost as soon as I release it.
 I haven't reinstalled the front calipers yet, so I assumed this would
free-wheel for a while, but it doesn't.  I put a bit of white lithium
grease on the axle before I installed it, too.  I can't say for certain how
smoothly or easily the wheel spun before I removed it, but my instincts say
it was moving freely before.

Thoughts?  At this point, I figure I'll have to remove and reinstall the
axle (much as I don't want to repeat the annoying process) but I'm not sure
what I need to do differently.

Drew in VT

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