Front brake - trapped air

Christopher Bowen C_P_Bowen at
Sun Jul 22 17:57:56 PDT 2012

That's the method I used, too, and it worked--no bubble trouble.
Ped: apologies if you mentioned already, but do you still have rubber hoses?  If so, how old are they?

'95 GPZ

On Jul 21, 2012, at 6:37 PM, dominatr37 <dominatr37 at> wrote:

> <<It should clear all the air out by the
> morning. Just to double check, with the fitting loose, pump it once or twice 
> By pumping it I meant tighten the fitting, release the lever, loosen the 
> fitting squeeze tight, tighten the fitting and release. You have to keep 
> tightening and loosening the fitting otherwise you will suck air into the 
> system too.
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