front axle binding?

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Sun Jul 22 22:44:42 PDT 2012


When the wheel is in place and the front calipers not yet installed it 
should definitely rotate absolutely freely and spin for several 
rotations if spun by hand. If it doesn't something is not right.

I'd check the wheel bearings (when the wheel is out) by turning them 
with a finger. They should turn freely and smoothly without the feeling 
of something 'biting'  while turning. If not, have them replaced.

Getting the wheel back in place shouldn't be that difficult. I always 
remove the front fender when working with the front wheel. It sits with 
4 bolts and is easy to reinstall once the wheel is installed.

When installing the wheel, are you sure you got the spacers right? (Mine 
is the ABS model, it's a bit different from yours, so I can't provede 
any pictures). There should be one on the right side (your left when 
working with the wheel) and the speedo gear housing on the other side. 
When located right the wheel including spacer and speedo gear housing 
should slide into place between the front forks. It may be easier if you 
'jack up' the wheel with a piece of wood or something so that the wheel 
center is aligned with the axle bolt. The difficult part here is to get 
the speedo gear housing located right. There is a little tap or 
something on it that will slide into a stop on the inside of the fork 
leg. If this is not in place the right way the wheel will not spin 
freely. Furthermore - with the axle not yet tightened - you will be able 
to turn the speedo gear housing, and that shouldn't be the case. The tap 
(or whatever it is - can't remember exactly) is there to ensure that the 
speedo gear housing is angled just right for the speedo cable. If it 
isn't it will cost you a speedo cable. It did for me once - the only 
time I had the front tire replaced at the dealer's, so even the pro's 
can get this wrong...

My guess is that it's the speedo gear housing that is causing you all 
the trouble.

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

Den 22-07-2012 22:14, Drew Blanchard skrev:
> I feel like a real newbie for asking this question, but I'd rather be safe
> than sorry.
> Just had new tires installed (Dunlop Roadsmart IIs) and had a helluva time
> getting the front wheel back on the bike.  After much wailing and gnashing
> of teeth (and more than a few choice profanities, and maybe a wrench or two
> hurled across the garage), I finally got everything lined up, and hand
> tightened the front axle.  After the frustrations I experienced, I figured
> I ought to spin the front wheel a few times to see how smoothly everything
> rotated.  Problem is, the front wheel stops almost as soon as I release it.
>   I haven't reinstalled the front calipers yet, so I assumed this would
> free-wheel for a while, but it doesn't.  I put a bit of white lithium
> grease on the axle before I installed it, too.  I can't say for certain how
> smoothly or easily the wheel spun before I removed it, but my instincts say
> it was moving freely before.
> Thoughts?  At this point, I figure I'll have to remove and reinstall the
> axle (much as I don't want to repeat the annoying process) but I'm not sure
> what I need to do differently.
> Drew in VT
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