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Ped - I didn't have acess to a computer so I didn't bother with a blog..but the cheap beer might also have played some part...
It is a great country in my opinion.
Heres a quick blurb.
I haven't posted any pics online but if anyone wants some E Mailed let me know
Pete S

Coming down the Transfaragan my Rear brakes faded on the way down. I’ve never had that happened before on a bike (only on a car). I had just passed a car and was braking for the next hairpin. BMW engineering for you.
It was a F650GS. When I first got on it the frame felt like rubber, but once I got into tractor mode, I liked it. Ideal for the variable roads there. However it did nothing to change my opinion on the unreliability of German Engineering. I had the ABS and speedo crap out . The idle was screwed up, either stall or stick at 2500 rpm. The turn signals didn’t always cancel. Etc etc. It had great gas mileage though 75mpg and was good for any road surface, and with a low seat height and gas tank below the seat, gave it a low center of gravity. If I could get a reliable one I’d get one. I think maybe my next bike will be a dual purpose though.
  I rented for a couple of days and did my own ride and then joined a small Tour group. 2 Brits and 2 Germans and the Romanian tour leader. He knew all the best roads and the ride was one of the best I’ve done. We also had 4 Turkish guys join us one day.
A whole different riding mode to here. (USA) They’d probably get shot here. Once you get in combat mode it was great. Everyone passes in town and if there is a space someone will fill it. They don’t get in your way though, as at the next opportunity they will pass again. I think the pedestrian crossings there, were designed to kill the maximum number of pedestrians.
Great scenery, culture, and people. The scenery and poverty varied though, from looking like the Mid west in the Danube Delta, to Vermont and Switzerland in the Mountains. The kids near the Ukrainian border don’t see many bikes and would wave as we passed by. At one point we were stopped and they gathered around the bikes to take pics. They still have haystacks and there are many horse and carts. You get the feeling that if the electric grid went out in some cyber war everything would continue as normal in the countryside.
  The beer and food were cheap and the girls - well go see for yourself. I still don’t understand how they look so nice in cities, but the 80 year old babushkas in the villages are 4 ft high and 4 ft wide.----------------------------------------------------------------------

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Please do send us a comprehensive ride report from Romania when you get 
back.:-)   I have signed up for a guided tour to Romania and Moldavia 
next year - a tour that I'm looking very much forward to. It would be 
nice to know a bit in advance about what to expect;-)

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

Den 17-07-2012 16:17, schnowz skrev:
> I just finished a 2 week ride on GS650 When I first got on it it felt like a rubber frame but  once you get in tractor mode it's a very capable bike. At first I missed the geeper but this bike is ideal for Romanian roads. Too bad the beeemers are so unreliable because its a great bike when running right.
> There was some talk of heat its been 40+C some days here.
>> The GPZ is running great, just put fresh rubber on the front (rear was done last year), and it is as fun as ever to be on it, but I've been developing some health issues that have made it more and more uncomfortable to ride the Geeper for more than 30 minutes at a time.  Maybe it is just age...I'm sure the recent truck tire I've been carrying around hasn't helped...but lately I've been thinking more and more about turning to the darkside.
>> If I'm going to remain on two wheels, I'm going to have to get something with a more upright posture.
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