GPZList Digest, Vol 68, Issue 12

Drew Blanchard drewblanchard at
Tue Jul 24 07:16:32 PDT 2012

Pete (and Ped):

Thanks for the advice.  Despite the fact that everything *seemed* to be
properly aligned (spedo housing was in the correct location, too), I once
again removed the front wheel (and fender, which really did make life
easier), recleaned/regreased the bearings and axle, and put it back
together.  This time, the entire process took less than 25 minutes;
everything slipped back into place with (relative) ease.  Wheel now moves
smoothly.  Remounted and tested the brakes, and it now seems like the front
end is all set.

I was going to tackle the rear wheel when I got home last night (with new
cush drive rubber, so it's *really* snug back there - good thing I have
plenty of silicone spray) but we had a helluva storm here late in the
afternoon.  Turns out, the 10' x 15' canopy on our deck really didn't like
supporting several hundred pounds of water and 1.5" hail stones, and the
ensuing collapse made a bit of a mess.  Nothing serious, but after dealing
with that I needed to relax for a bit.  Hoping to have everything mounted
and test the new tires tomorrow.  Looking forward to giving a review.  *Very
* different profile and tread pattern; hope they steer and ride as good as
they look.

Drew in VT

On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 6:44 PM, schnowz <schnowz at> wrote:

> Drew
>   I'd take it off and put it on the axle on jackstands to make sure the
> bearings are good, Sounds more like an odometer drive or spacer issue
> though. I'm assuming you hav'nt had the fork tubes off.
> Pete S
> Thoughts?  At this point, I figure I'll have to remove and reinstall the
> axle (much as I don't want to repeat the annoying process) but I'm not sure
> what I need to do differently.
> Drew in VT
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