Pulled the Plug!..

Paul Landry p_landry at telus.net
Fri Mar 2 22:18:52 PST 2012

Hey all


Time to come out of lurk mode.


After 12 years, 70,000+ Km's I have purchased the replacement to my trusty

The GPz is up for sale as I cannot do the Jay Leno garage thing, just not in
my budget/space/reality.   Even with the bad weather (snow) it has been
getting a lot of attention and interest and have had a few showings already
but no one has stepped up with the money yet but it is very early.


I was looking to try something different, as much as I like the GPz wander
lust won out!.. ;-D

Of line I had a conversation going with Ralph about the FJR (dealer had one
here at a good price) but decided to go with the Triumph Tiger 1050 SE (I am
sure to Ralph's dismay!).


The Triumph dealer had a brand new 2011 model in the orange color I like and
it was discounted by $1800 off MSRP.  Was waffling on the decision when the
dealer called and let me know that Triumph was offering $1600 in add-ons for
free to move the non-current stock..  That was enough to make me jump.

The SE already has the gel seat, centre stand, hand guards, and saddle bags
I wanted, the promo items added the top box (don't need it but Ok), the
taller touring wind screen, billet Front & Rear brake reservoirs (replace
the plastic pee sample cups), upgraded clutch and brake levers and Heated


This unit comes with everything I want except a throttle lock (easy to
resolve) and just needs insurance, gas and dry roads to go..  


I am really looking forward to getting it (dealer is in Vancouver, 400 Km
away) once the final promo parts are received and installed in the next few
weeks will venture down and pick it up. 


It is my intent to stay on the GPz list as I have found this group to be a
phenomenal source of Great information not only for the GPz but for
motorcycles and motorcycling in general not to mention just good




Paul W. Landry

 <mailto:P_Landry at telus.net> P_Landry at telus.net


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