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All valid concerns.
The reviews from a bike magazine through that link I posted were very favourable. I have to question the weight factor. A 2000 lb. light duty hitch would likely not be up to the task. Even with a 3500 lb. hitch it would still be marginal because the rule of thumb is the tongue weight must never exceed 10% of the total trailer weight. So a 375lb. motorcycle would be over the 10% for a 3500 lb. hitch.
As far as wobbling, I wondered if the hydraulic lifter might help create a wider more stable platform? Everything would need to be tight since a little play at the receiver could translate into a big wobble at the ends of the bike.
Finally this device is not cheap, I would like to read more reviews before investing in one..

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I've seen a few of those over the years - on other vehicles of course - and from the way the bike torsions the hitch receiver, I would be scared witless to put any of my bikes on anything like that.  I've seen them rocking enough for 3-4 inches of play at the ends of the bike, unnerving!   A single contact point like the hitch tongue would transmit a lot of torque to the receiver, and over time, I can see it weakening the receiver outright.  The only way I could see using this unit is if there are more stabilization points  from the mount to the receiver (or vehicle frame) to greatly cut down on the torsion loads.

A normal trailer on such a hitch/receiver combo has a far more limited torsion effect and it makes sense - I can't even wrap my mind around putting my bicycles on such a hitch mount, frankly.    (Although part of that is the thought that some a**w*pe would manage to rear-end me and make confetti out of my precious-to-me bicycles, too.)

My sister has one of those 5-6' wide cargo racks that plugs into her receiver, and that thing alone twists and shimmies...  yikes!

But that's just me and my own opinion.

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Now that i don't have a big bore sport bike anymore, I'm looking at one of these for my KLR:


You could probably make it work if you removed the engine and carry it beside you in the front passenger seat to get the bike down to 375 lbs. before transporting it :>)


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